Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Imam of Heram's Visits India

Last week, Indian Muslims were privileged to have the high priest of Kaaba in India and hear the rhetoric of Abdul Rehman Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Sudais, the representative of the most revered place, Kaaba. The aim of his visit to India was to participate in the Dignity of Companion Conference organized by the Jamiat ul Ulema-e Hind president, at the Ram Lila Maidan. Millions of people paid homage to him.

Message of Peace

The giant congregation was marked with spiritual delight. Each word from him was a pearl of advice. He praised the companions of the Holy Prophet in spreading the religion and advised the community to make use of electronic media in spreading the message of peace.

Dignity of Companions Conference

On 25 March, after landing in India, the Imam of Heram went to visit the Darul Uloom Deoband in a helicopter, where he led the Friday prayers. The huge throng was desperately waiting for his arrival and fell in prostration before God. On his return from Deoband, after attending the Dignity of Companions Conference, he visited the head office of the Jamaat-e- Islami at Jasola Vihar. On 27 March afternoon, Saudi Ambassador Hasan Tarad hosted lunch in his honor at Hotel Taj Mahal, in which the city's dignitaries attended.

Positive Dedication

From morning to evening on 28 March, the Sheikh remained busy at the India Islamic Cultural Centre, Jama Masjid [grand mosque] Delhi. Rajya Sabha [upper house of Parliament] deputy chairman K. Rehman Khan's dinner and Abul Kalam Azad Islamic Awakening Center, Jamia Islamia, Sanabil, etc. He addressed the large gathering of people in all the above functions. Addressing the youth, including male and female, he emphasized the need to serve the country with positive dedication, simultaneously feeling pride of their being a Muslim.

Reaching at Jamia Islamia Sanabil, he expressed utter satisfaction and declared vice-chancellor, Allama Abdul Hameed Rehmani, as his teacher, mentor, and spiritual father. His three-day visit bestowed joy and strength upon Muslims in India.

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