Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Setback To People's Group Fighting Terrorism in Pakista

The dissolution of 'Lashkar-e-Aman' (peace army) in Pakistan is a massive blow to the Pakistani Government and those organizations that were fighting against terrorism. Lashkar-e Aman was constituted three years ago against Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. Its dissolution manifests rising supremacy of terrorist elements over society in Pakistan. It also reveals that the government has failed to provide security to those who love peace.

War Against Taliban
The decision to dissolve Lashkar-e-Aman was made after the Taliban recently carried out a terrorist attack on a funeral procession, and at the time of burial of the dead body. The funeral was of a Lashkar-e-Aman activist. In the attack, 36 people were killed and 50 others were injured. Lashkar-eAman was against Taliban terrorist activities, and it was constituted to counter their activities. The Taliban had, therefore, been targeting people affiliated to Lashkar-e-Aman.

Interestingly, the group was formed with the government's approval, and had reduced the burden on the police and army indeed. Therefore, it was the government's duty to extend full cooperation to it, so that people could be saved from terrorism indulged in by Taliban in the region. It appears that the government, which continues to fail in its war against the Taliban, found it impossible to extend cooperation to Lashkar-e-Aman, and left it in the lurch to fight a lonely battle against the Taliban.

Taliban-Lashkar-e-Aman Tussle
These people had no proper arms and weapons to take on the Taliban either, and common people had no courage to provide security to activists. That is why the Taliban constantly targeted Lashkar-e-Aman. The Taliban continued to kill these activists as police and government remained silent spectators. Since both police and government failed to take any action worth its name, the decision to dissolve Lashkar-e-Aman was made.

A prominent Lashkar-e-Aman leader, Dilawar Khan, announced the dissolution of the group, and called upon people of the area to fight against terrorists on their own. He complained that Lashkar-e-Aman activists had caught several Taliban terrorists and handed them over to the government, but they are now roaming scot-free. He further complains that the government is doing precious little for the families of those killed by terrorists, and the government does not do anything, despite attacks by the Taliban. It has failed even to provide cartridges to Lashkar-e-Aman activists to fight against the Taliban.

Pressure From Taliban
These allegations may not be totally true, but there is no doubt that pro-Taliban terrorists are roaming around freely and attacking people fearlessly. All this has pushed society in Pakistan into a jungle rule. It appears that the Pakistani Government is completely helpless and can do nothing against terrorists. At the same time, the government vociferously claims to be an important US ally in the war against terrorism.
The dissolution of the anti-Taliban Lashkar-e-Aman is a matter of grave concern because as a consequence, the threat of terrorism against people of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa has increased. The dissolution further conveys the message that the government is under great pressure from the Taliban, which is a matter of greater concern indeed. It also reveals that the government has no courage to come out against them, and if a group among people musters courage to do so, it does not get cooperation from the government.a

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