Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NATO Action in Libya

Air strikes by NATO forces in Libya have been continuing. These strikes are being used to target president Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and his family members. The very rebels are also being targeted in whose sympathy North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has been claiming to launch air strikes. Dozens of rebels have so far been killed in NATO action. Now, NATO has killed Gadaffi's son and three grandsons. These attacks were made with the aim of targeting a building near Bab-Al Azizia compound. It is not known where Gaddafi was at the time of these attacks. His 29-year-old son and three grandsons have been killed in these attacks. The Libyan Government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim said Gaddafi and his wife were safe. As a result of the attack, the three-storied building was partially destroyed. According to Libyan officials, three missiles were launched. This is not the first time that Gaddafi has been targeted. He was attacked earlier also, but survived.
Removing Gaddafi
The United States and its European allies, who are part NATO, have been supporting rebels in Libya. Now, the United States has announced $25 million aid to rebels. France and Italy have been arranging training of rebels. This shows that the objective is to unseat Gaddafi's regime. The United States and its allies have been claiming that they want to benefit Libyan people by removing Gaddafi.
The way attempts are being made on the lives of Gaddafi's family members is reprehensible. Even in war, targeting civilians is violation of law. The United States and NATO have thereby been breaking the law.
Violation of International Law
The United States and its allies have set their eyes on Libya's oil wealth. The United States wants to control these resources. It is said that there is no one to stop this violation of international law. US barbarism should be stopped immediately. Targeting any individual or a particular family is unjustified, and should not be allowed.
The United States can well be taken to the International Court of Justice on this issue. The United States and NATO should not be allowed to have their way in pursuit of their objective of destroying a particular family. The United States should give up such action and adoption of double standards. No law permits waging war to destroy one family.

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