Monday, May 9, 2011

Agreement Between HAMAS, Fateh Historic Achievement

The people who had become disheartened by the events of the past few months in the Middle East got a sense of relief and joy at the joining together of the two large groups of Palestinians -- HAMAS and Fateh. Otherwise, the everyday tensions of the Islamic world had drowned them in despair. Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Jordan--the political storms at last gave some relief. For the past four years, tensions between the two groups were good news for the enemies of Islam, especially Israel. But today, when this news was announced that in spite of the many attempts of their enemies the two groups have reached to work together, it was enough to make Israel and its guardian writhe with jealousy.
Israel bared its fangs and immediately announced its decision to withhold tax revenue from the Fateh group. This was announced by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He even said that the Fateh will have to choose between Israel and the Islamic group, while its chief protector the United States without making any comment, announced that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has spoken to Netanyahu and Fateh leader Mahmoud Abbas.
Differences and Act
Attempts at reconciliation between the HAMAS and the Fateh started two months ago and now, at last, these attempts had reached fruition. Both parties have shown their appreciation. The world history has is witness that whenever Muslims put their differences on the back burner and put up a united front, they have always got success, while the Koran has told them to set aside their differences and act as one. And whenever, on the orders of the Almighty, they have said "Labbayk " [Arabic for 'I have come O Lord' they have tasted success]. Now that Palestinians have chosen the path of unity, definitely success will be their fate and their enemies will be wiped out.
Enemies of Islam will know the strength of Islam. They know that Muslims do not rest until they have wiped out their enemies from existence. That is why they know that whenever their community gets united, it spells trouble for them. They know that unity among Muslims means trouble for them and that is why they keep putting obstacles in their path. They keep threatening the Fateh that if they sort out their differences with the HAMAS, then its cooperation with Israel will be put in grave danger. This means that behind the scenes, the Fateh was threatened that if it makes up with the HAMAS, then its cooperation with Israel and the United States will be in jeopardy and can also end in war. But all their attempts came to naught and both the groups have signed this historic document.
Important Step Taken
From the news pouring in, the signatures are of Abu Zauq of the HAMAS and Azam Ahmad of the Fateh. HAMAS leader Khalid Mashal and Fateh leader Mahmoud Abbas did not affix their signatures on this agreement, but in the joint statement that was issued in Egypt both leaders showed agreement and called it an historic achievement. Observers of the events in Palestine and Israel agree that this has been a very important step. This will be very beneficial for the Palestinian public, and the most important aspect of the Palestinian state coming up.
Muslims and all right-thinking people of the world wishes that war in Palestinians will end and both sides will jointly be able to struggle for an independent Palestinian State. Because of this fratricidal struggle, both sides were suffering heavy losses, as they had to concentrate on two fronts which were frittering away their strength. Now they will be able to land a heavy blow on their enemy. Now that both the groups have sorted out their differences, they will concentrate on a single point--the establishment of an independent Palestinian State, and land a body blow to their enemy.
Joy for Islamic World
With this agreement not only the Palestinian factions are happy, but the entire Islamic world rejoices, because the land of Palestine is for Muslims. Regardless of which part of the world he may be living in, Palestine has a spiritual connection. This is where He turns to when Muslim recites His prayers. That is why there is a wave of joy to welcome this agreement.
All those who preach peace in the world are in darkness regarding this agreement and are trying to secretly sabotage it. This process has started. That is why the Fateh and the HAMAS and the Palestinian public should guard this agreement and protect it from their enemies, who are shamefully trying to prevent the building of an independent Palestinian State. The whole world, Muslims and all right-thinking people and good wishes are with them.

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