Friday, May 13, 2011

Fresh International Efforts To Resolve Kashmir Dispute

The international Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) has decided to take several steps on Kashmir. Apart from increasing the number of members of the Kashmir Coordination Group, it has also been decided to provide scholarship to Kashmiri students studying in universities and institutions of Muslim countries. It has also been decided to form a human rights commission on Kashmir, which would bring out a report on the Kashmir situation.
Visas to Kashmiris
Abdul Aleem, the special representative on Kashmir, gave this information in Brussels, where an international meeting on Kashmir had been held. This shows the OIC has become active over the Kashmir issue, and has started taking action. The UAE has started issuing stapled visas to Kashmiris. This practice has been started with the prime minister of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). The UAE spokesperson said that issuing stapled visa was right since Kashmir was a disputed territory. There is no violation of any international law in this practice. China had also earlier granted stapled visas to Kashmiris on the ground that Kashmir was a disputed territory.
Need For International Lobbying
Meanwhile, two senior members of European Parliament have said it was in the interest of both India and Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir issue. They said the two countries have been ignoring the Kashmir issue due to their vested interests. They said influence and domination of army in Pakistan has weakened democratic institutions.
To strengthen democracy, army had to be kept away from institutions. They felt the need for international lobbying on the Kashmir issue. They said Indian interests were linked with Europe. Europe could play a role in resolution of the problem. They said the Kashmir issue was the only issue that had been hampering the progress of the two neighboring countries. It is said the United States and the United Nations have been silent.
Track-Two Diplomatic Front
Kashmir has thereby been seeing a new turn in the situation. Countries of the world want this issue to be resolved. This can be done only through sincere efforts. Leaders of the two countries also want this. On Track-Two diplomatic front, former diplomats, former army officers, and civil society also want this issue to be resolved.
If this takes place, it can lead to freedom of South Asia from poverty and disease. If this issue remains unresolved, all other issues seem insignificant.

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