Thursday, February 24, 2011

Revolutionary Typhoon Reaches Libya

After the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and Bahrain, Libya is in the grip of a wave of 'People's Revolution.' After 41 years Colonel Gaddafi's rule, Libyan people are desirous of removing him. But it is a matter of pity that in the antithesis of Egypt, leaders of Bahrain, Yemen, and Libya are clinging on to power and making all efforts to crush the revolution against them, in their greed for power. In this, the most aggressive and harsh attempts are being adopted by Libya's Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, where the army is firing live bullets upon unarmed protesters.

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is no ordinary leader. He is famous for his irrational and erratic behavior. Whenever he goes on a foreign tour, he takes along with him a tent and stays in that only. He says he wants to be close to the roots of his tribe, and this is the reason for his erratic behavior. In 2007, when he was in Paris, a tent was put up for him in the Presidential palace. Next year, he adopted the same practice in Rome. This is the reason that he does not make many foreign tours because problems arise because of his penchant of sleeping in tents. In some countries, there were objections to this behavior. Another problem is that he is constantly surrounded by female bodyguards.

After the defeat of Arabs in the 1976 war at the hands of Israelis, there was wave of military coups in Arab countries. During this period, on 1 September 1969, Gaddafi took over reins of power in Libya. He considered himself to be the true legatee of Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser, and started issuing statements of his intention to destroy Israel and defeating the United States. But with time, his attitude began to change and the reality of the Arab predicament started dawning on him, and he started feeling helpless between Israel and the United States.

Public Determination
The people's protest in Libya has entered its sixth day. Fifty religious leaders have appealed to the army not to kill its own people so mercilessly. Only time will tell how much effect this appeal has had on the army, but the public determination seems to have grown with the army attacks. There is one trait that seems to be common between Colonel Gaddafi and former Egyptian President Honsi Mubarak that both of them have clung on to power for a long time, and both wanted to make their sons their descendents. Hosni Mubarak had a dream of seeing his son Gamal Mubarak succeeding him, and Gaddafi dreamed of handing over power to his son Saif-al Islam (The sword of Islam).

The wave of revolution has spread to Bahrain and Yemen where people want a change in administration. People of these countries are facing army bullets, which has made leaders of all other countries very afraid indeed. But these bullets have not been able to stop the people's march. The casualties in Bahrain have crossed the 100 mark. In Yemen, the agitation against President Ali Abdullah Saleh has gained speed. Like Colonel Gaddafi, Saleh is adamant to cling on to power. He says he will not leave the country, and breathe his last there, but will not surrender power. Keep in mind that the Egyptian president was also adamant not to surrender power, but he finally had to bend his knees in front of 'people's power.'

US Losing Hegemony
The country that is most worried by this wave of revolution sweeping West Asia and Libya is the United States. Although European countries are also worried by this wave, their worry is confined to supply of oil only. The United States is worried about losing its hegemony in West Asian politics.
If all revolutions brewing in this area succeed, then the area's map will change beyond all recognition. That is the reason that the United States will make all efforts to replace one stooge with another so that it can protect its protégé, Israel. The real purpose of this revolution will be achieved only when true democracy is established there, and these US puppets are removed.

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