Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New US Military Strategy

For the first time in seven years, the United States has announced a revised military strategy. In the new strategy, the United States has expressed determination to continue cooperation with Pakistan to eliminate Al-Qai'da and other militant forces. Under the new strategy, the United States has also assured cooperation to solve problems with Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

A statement issued by the Pentagon in this connection states that Al-Qai'da's senior leadership is present in Pakistan and planning to attack the United States and its allies. The statement also says that terrorism has now become an international threat and joint measures will have to be taken to deal with it.

The new strategy has been prepared by Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. It points out steps how US interests can be safeguarded all over the world. It may be added that the United States had earlier released national military strategy in 2004.

Encouraging Policy
The revised strategy is encouraging, as it expresses determination to continue cooperation with several countries, including Pakistan. The global cooperation is the best strategy to overcome the menace of terrorism. It is a fact that terrorism can be eliminated and a peaceful international society established only if concerted efforts are made against the monster. However, the US insistence that senior Al-Qai'da leadership is present in Pakistan is not correct. Pakistan has stated on several times that although terrorists are present in the country in shape of extremists and the Taliban, and Al-Qai'da supporters may also be hiding here; but Al-Qai'da leadership is not present on its soil. But, in spite of this, US insistence in this regard is regrettable.

What else can be a bigger proof of the presence of terrorists in Pakistan that acts of terrorism are frequently taking place in the country causing huge loss of life and property? It was just on 9 February that four bomb explosions took place in Gujranwala (a town in Punjab Province). However, only one person was injured in the explosions. A day later, a suicide attack in Mardan (a town in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Province) killed 35 persons and injured several others. Therefore, how it is possible for Pakistan, which itself is a victim of terrorism, to provide shelter to Al-Qai'da on its soil? Hence, the US Administration should know all ground realities before hurling such allegations on Pakistan, so that such statements could not lead to creating differences between the two countries.

Interests of International Community
However, the fresh US strategy rightly states that terrorism has become a global threat now and concerted efforts will have to be made to deal with it. Therefore, the United States should, through its new strategy, mobilize the international community to deal with the menace. For this purpose, it is necessary that those countries, which are playing a role in the war on terror, should be fully supported, so that the financial losses they are suffering in this regard could be made up to some extent.

However, in the new strategy, it cannot be acceptable for the international community that US interests must be safeguarded across the world. This strategy can cause dissent among world nations; therefore, instead of protecting the interests of only the United States, the interests and protection of the entire international community should be ensured as a whole. And being the world superpower, the biggest responsibility in this regard lies on the United States.

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