Wednesday, November 10, 2010

US Midterm Elections

Midterm elections have been held in the US for all seats of the House of Representatives, 32 seats of the Senate and offices of the state governors on 2 November 2010. Dozens of candidates who tested their luck following the tall shadow of the election campaign run by President Barack Obama faced humiliation of defeat at the hands of Republicans. In the US House of Representatives having 435 members, the Democrats lost in 240 constituencies. In the elections to the upper house i.e. the US Senate, the Republicans improved their position.

Advantage Republicans
Various tops guns of the Democrats lost in the recent elections. The candidates ruthlessly used wealth for their victory. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who got much fame in the field of acting and later became state governor, lost the office of the governor. Whereas a look as to who contested election from where and on ticket of which party ads to one's knowledge and wisdom, it also widens one's political and social awareness.
Democrat Senator from Florida Michael Bennet celebrated second consecutive victory after defeating Republican Cain Huke. In other tough contests, Republic leader John Reid was defeated by Democrat Joe McCain for a Senate seat from Western Virginia. Marko Rubio gave tough time to Obama's colleague Charlie Crist in Florida and also gifted him defeat. In Kentucky, the Republicans emerged victorious while the Democrats were the runners up as Rand Paul shattered hopes of Jack Convoy of Obama lobby.

Setback for Obama
Obama had to suffer the shock of historic Republic victory on his ancestral seat of Illinois. Obama had got elected as senator from the same seat. The Republicans won on two most important Senate seats of Northern Dakota and Arkansas. John Thune defeated Terry Porter while in Arkansas John Bosman delighted Bush Junior by emerging victorious.
In Missouri, former head of Armed Services Committee Scouts was badly defeated on the ticket of Democrats as Wiki Mart of Republican knocked him out. In the House of Representatives, the strength of Republican has increased. If the Obama ministers failed to show interest in the ending military inventions in other countries during the rest of the presidential tenure for the sake of poverty, unemployment and colonialist desires in light of the public feelings and aspirations, their hopes of winning the next presidential will fade forever.

Human Massacre and Barbarism
Muslims are to be reminded here that the Publican party is a frightening group of conservatives and jingoists who achieve such successes in human massacre and barbarism under the patronization of former President Bush following the 9/11 that the human spirit sheds tears of blood. The victory of the Republican is a food for thought for the Muslim community. There were many smugglers and businessmen from oil industry in the Bush cabinet who have been busy in promotion of the Zionism and paving the way for Greater Israel.
The Zionist lobbies of Bush era wrote the script of the tragic drama of 9/11 to plunder the natural resources and energy deposits of the Middle East and the US forces imposed on Kabul and Baghdad the terrifying war on the earth and occupied the two countries after thrusting the responsibility of the destruction of the Twin Towers on Al-Qaeda, Muslim fighters, jihadist organizations and Saddam Hussein. The US and allies spilled the blood of two million Muslims in Iraq and Kabul and this barbarism is still continuing. The wise intellectuals bragged that the victory of the Republican cannot affect Pakistan. Those expressing such opinions are devoid of wisdom because they are unaware of this threat that voices of selecting Pakistan for the next round of war are constantly appearing in the Western media. Under the banner of ISAF (International Security Assistance Force), 120,000 are busy in battles in Afghanistan. ISAF consists of the military power of the 50 advanced countries of the world.

Impact of Afghan War
The Afghan war is the longest and the most dangerous war of the history of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Taliban have stunned the occupation forces. The US has started dialogue with the rivals with key role of Pakistan to avert the ugly stain of defeat. Reports are appearing in the Western media that if the terrorism could not be confined to South Asia, Afghanistan and borders of FATA [Federally Administered Tribal Areas], the West would be crying because of its threat. Instead of Kabul, the global players have focused their sights on the border region of Pakistan. The Japan Times has reported that the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and Mosad have planned bomb explosions, terrorism and suicide attacks in several areas of Europe for which Pakistan will be accused and then a war will start in Pakistan on the pattern of Afghanistan.
The US think tanks and military analysts say that achievement of the Western interests in the Afghan war is not possible until the military power of Pakistan is not overcome. The Pentagon has given target to the US agencies to swiftly use the effective prescription of propaganda and to stuff the minds of the people of West that Pakistan is a threat for the West. The Western newspapers, TheWall Street Journal, Sky News and BBC are crying that drill for Mumbai-type attacks in Europe is going on in Pakistan. Renowned intellectual Van Madson says he has found secret documents in Washington containing details about destruction of Pakistani nuclear arms by Mosad in 1982.

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