Tuesday, January 3, 2012

People of Arab World Hijacked

All of a sudden, the love of the prime minister for religion has gone up. Even the Menons (left politicians like Rashed Khan Menon and his accomplices) are uttering verses of the holy Quran. The religion trade is now going on massively by making efforts to stop 'fatwa' (religious addict) saying it is a trade of religion traders and uttering the ideals of Islam. Taking the office of a "religion-less" or irreligious state, the love for religion is nothing but a lie and deception.
The people of the country know in whose interest the women policy has been framed. The CIDAW is a charter of conspiracy for turning the women into a commercial commodity. In 1997, a so-called declaration in the United Nations for ending or abolishing all discriminations against the women had got recognition. It is not a charter for development of the women but a story of deception or intrigue. The real Islamic scholars and leaders have taken to the street. They are united not only against the women policy but against all the anti-Islamic policies. Slogans are being raised everywhere in the country that fatwa will be the constitution of the country in future.
Unity of Society
So it is not hartal (closure strike), what is the great need of the country is unity of the society of religious leaders and Islamic thinkers. And only united strength can protect the dignity of the holy Quran. The people of the Arab world have been hijacked. The people are not seeing the dream of freedom. Their fear always is that when bombs and grenades of the hyenas are thrown into their homes. The boisterous sound of weapons and missiles is shattering the life and peace of human habitats. The people are rushing toward hospital in corpse, carrying ambulances with mutilated and severed bodes of the human beings. What they wanted and what is happening; it is like bringing crocodiles by digging canals. In fact, the character of the United States is one and identical. The difference is only in their complexion or in the color of their skin. So the Nobel Peace Prize winning Barack Obama is doing the same thing as his predecessor George W. Bush did. Overtly, it may seem they are not united, but, in fact, they are. The imperialism is the core policy of the United States. As hyenas do not feel good, the United States does not find it comfortable without aggression. They are carrying out killings as they have been doing in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are a nation of hyenas. They are selling life-destroying tablets and pills in the packets or phials of peace.
US Responsibility
It is also the US responsibility to protect those who they purchased. The movements are a convocation or installation of grabbing anew. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a purchased grouping of the United States. And the United Nations is their place for their pastime and gossiping.
The attention of Obama is fixed not on the people of Libya but on their oil resources or oil wealth. Thrown into deep recession, it is the need of the United States to plunder the resources of Muslims to get their luxurious lifestyle going. When the United States citizens are beset with unemployment and are about to start begging at that time their government has attacked the Libyan people to grab their oil resources. Other autocratic Arab rulers joined NATO air attacks. And the responsibility of the United States is to ensure security to the evil doers or Satans. Sending warships to Libya they gave a signal to others that no more now, the game is over. Our target has been achieved.
Warplanes and Warships
The last desire of former US President Bush was to launch attack on Iraq and Libya. Obama has fulfilled that desire of Bush. But the difference is Bush has already been insulted trough the hurling of shoes while Obama is yet to get that treatment. The people across the world have been fuming. Obama is playing such a game where the world is clapping with contentment when Libya is being bombarded. It means there will be attacks, but quietly. There would be killing but without any sound.
Obama! You are not t he last. The more your atrocities will grow, the more your days will be numbered. Your nuclear weapons will lose their strength and prowess. Look at Fukushima of Japan. They are counting their days for ruination with their own arms. Not much time would be needed to end your game of pride. Your warplanes and warships would crash onto the roof of your White House only in three minutes. Your nuclear reactors would add gloom to the taste of your dream. The wait of the Muslim ummah (community) is for the help of God. The things for which you boast are your deathtrap.

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