Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weaknesses, Inabilities of Afghan National Army

According to a report of The Washington Post, the occupying crusader forces in Afghanistan have announced that 24,00 soldiers deserted the hired the Afghan Army of the labor institute (Afghan Government) during the last six months. It means that 15 per cent soldiers of the army have escaped from their duties during the last six months. According to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), only 12,000 soldiers have been recruited in the army during the past six months, which shows that the new recruitments are only 50 per cent of those who have escaped.
The Washington Post reports that 5,000 soldiers deserted the army during the month of June alone.
Occupying Forces
The incidents of desertion of soldiers from the army is getting momentum at a time when the foreign occupying forces, which have transferred the security responsibilities of various regions to the hired Afghan soldiers and are gradually withdrawing from the rest of the regions, are also fleeing from the country.
William Caldwell, commander of the occupying forces of NATO, says that Afghan military officials should find ways to deal with such humiliated state of affairs. Meanwhile, General Abdorrahim Wardak, Defense Minister of the puppet system [government] of the United States, says that the problem of desertion by soldiers from the army can be resolved only when the foreign occupying forces transfer the security responsibility to local labors. The statement by Wardak not only negates military strategy but also unacceptable to ordinary prudence.
Various officials of the hired army term the immoral attitude and ill-treatment by the corrupt commanders with the soldiers responsible for the desertion of soldiers. They say that meager pay and insufficient food supplies are the reasons behind deserting the army.
On the other hand, the US commanders of the occupying forces in Afghanistan term the weaknesses of the chief of the hired army as the real reason behind the desertion of soldiers and say that army chief misappropriates all the budget of the army and deprives the soldiers of their due share which in turn compel these soldiers on desertion from the army.
Flexible Recruitment Policies
Although the military officials of the occupiers and the local forces term the flexible recruitment policies and the weaknesses of the army chief as the reasons behind the desertion of soldiers but the fact is that fierce attacks and resistance by the mujahidin, in which thousands of soldiers of the hired army have been killed, are the real reasons behind the desertion of soldiers from the army.
While the hired army is going through very problematic and disgraceful conditions, the foreign occupiers and the local labors Afghan Army are still dreaming to be successful in recruiting two hundred thousand personnel army. However, analysts of Afghan situation are of the view that recruitment of such a large number of personnel during the continuation of aforementioned problems is impossible.

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