Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pakistan Falls Under Failed States Category

A leading US magazine the Foreign Policy has published a list of failed states. The name of Pakistan figures at 10th position in the list. This country has been included among failed states because the terror network is spreading there in a big way. Simultaneously, it is currently passing through a severe economic crisis.

However, India is also included among the failed States, yet the list prepared by the magazine shows it at 87th position, out of a total of 177 countries. As such, it is satisfying to note that India has progressed in all fields since independence, and improved the economic lot of people.

Tragedy of Pakistan
The tragedy of Pakistan, on contrary, has been that it invariably remained under military regime, due to which democracy could not take roots. Here, conditions continued to be such under which rulers with military background always focused on their seat of power and ignored the interests of common people. In such a state of affairs, the infrastructure could not be built there, and the common people were also not provided with basic amenities of life.

The economic system of Pakistan never flourished there for want of plans. One of its principal reasons has been that the bulk of the country's budget was allocated to defense sector, which fortified its weaponry reserves and used the same against India.

Anti-India Mindset
In fact anti-India mindset has led Pakistan turning into a terrorist state in a way. To begin with, it bolstered the Taliban in Afghanistan to increase its influence there. Simultaneously, it supplied ammunition to Kashmiri militants, besides providing them with economic and moral support.

Pakistan imparted them training in terrorism, and allowed them to use its soil for hatching anti-India conspiracies. Fundamentalists of the country also joined them in their fight against India. As a consequences of all this, terrorism in Pakistan became so strong that it is now determined to annihilate the very existence of the country.

Hardships and Dangerous Conditions
Undoubtedly Pakistan has failed to rein in terrorists. Forces of the US and other Western countries have also joined hands in the Pakistani Government's drive to wipe out the Taliban and other militants. Nevertheless, it has so far failed to close in on them in an effective manner. As parts of these endeavors, fabulous awards have been announced for their capture.

Given the failures of the Pakistani Government on this count, an impression goes around that in the near future, this country will find itself entrapped in a still worse phase of its hardships and dangerous conditions.

So far as India is concerned, it can be commented in this context that New Delhi has made tremendous headway in all respects in many sectors. Nevertheless, it has not so far joined the comity of affluent nations. India, therefore, should try to make further headway in this direction so that our country's name is reckoned among developed countries.

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